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We are excited to offer online programs that provide you with DDO videos, quizzes, and questionnaires. After completing the program, we will review your submission, and you will receive a badge. 


A digital badge is a visual symbol of your accomplishment and can be added to your CV and LinkedIn accounts. 

DDO online courses are a new take on formal education for the drug discovery community. We offer extensive course content on the Vanderbilt University Continuing Education Brightspace platform.


Certificates indicate successful completion of an course and adds additional value over online programs by incorporating discussion boards, activities, and extra content that is not available with the online programs. Some courses may require an in-person component for successful competition. 

In-person workshops are a form of instructional interaction that occurs “in person” and in real time between program members and participants or among colleagues and peers.


In-person workshops can range from a few days to over a week depending on the program. The in-person workshops may also have online courses associated with them. These are typically held in Nashville, TN. 

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