This new model for academic drug discovery pioneered by the WCNDD is crucial to the drug discovery process because it “de-risks” new treatment strategies with the potential to transform the standard of patient care. By investing in the early stages of research that pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to undertake, we can provide strong validation of innovative approaches to the treatment of severe brain disorders. Of the myriad compounds discovered in these early stages, only a few translate into marketable medicine; thus, a company mainly concerned with profits is often unable to engage in this research. Scientists in the Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery, unhindered by constraints that are unavoidable in an industry setting, are free to conduct early-stage work that serves as the basis of major therapeutic breakthroughs. By learning the defining mechanisms behind disease, research scientists can tailor therapeutics to fit an individual’s biology, thereby significantly raising the chances of efficacy for a new drug in clinical trials. We take a “bench to bedside” approach in all of our endeavors and maintain a clear focus on the ultimate goal of patient care.

We are excited to offer an in-person workshop beginning in the summer of 2022 that is designed for individuals and company groups in drug discovery and development a look inside this innovative approach. Having a background in health sciences is highly recommended, but not required.


The certificate program is ideal for:

  • Medicinal chemistry is involved in the development of new medical device products or pharmaceuticals

  • Executives in the drug and medical device development/product management field

  • Scientists and those who lead teams of scientists in R&D

  • Professionals making a horizontal transition into the drug discovery and development industry

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to collaborate with university leaders

  • Companies in need of training employees and new hires on the entire process of developing pharmaceuticals